Juggling new parent life, a new baby in the home, romance, and a career can be quite the challenge. Early parenthood coaching is a great way to reflect on your experience with the support of an experienced coach.

During each session, your coach will assist you with navigating your current life circumstances, dissolving limiting beliefs, achieving goals, and removing roadblocks. We will use tools and techniques to connect you to your true essence and to tap inner strength and gifts.

During this program, we will explore the area of your choosing whether it is navigating parenthood, career, life transitions, or love we have got you covered.

The program includes (5) 1-hour virtual sessions with your early parenthood coach.

How can early parenthood coaching help you?

✔ 1:1 support to assist you along your parenthood journey.You are not alone!

✔ Learn to manage stress and life changes in a healthy manner

✔ Discover new ways of connecting with yourself, your new baby, and your partner

✔ Tap into your inner truth to assist you with effectively communicating your needs to your support group

✔ Assist in developing a strong foundation to support you in the years of family building to come

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Give yourself the opportunity to self-reflect and grow through this important life transition. Research indicates that when parents have a sense of connection with people who understand and support them, it provides a sense of security and confidence. Having these kinds of connections allows them to share the joy, pain, and uncertainties that come with the parenting role.

Before your session...

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